RiverLegalLogo “RiverLegal has had a very long association with Braille House, with partners of our firm acting as Honorary solicitor and in Council positions. Braille House continues to provide an invaluable service to vision-impaired individuals. We are excited to continue to support and endorse Braille House’s services in South-East Queensland and beyond.”

Scott Anderson

BalanixLogo “Braille House is an inspirational organisation with which Balanix Solutions is proud to be associated.
Our long-standing involvement has included support with accounting, organisational development and governance, as well as voluntary activities.  Balanix looks forward to continuing our association with Braille House for many years to come.”

David Balwin
Balanix Solutions

MyDesignerLogo “Working with Braille House has provided MyDesigner with unique opportunities and insight into one of Brisbane’s most historic and valuable community service providers.
Since 2012 when we were first commissioned to rebrand the organisation, we have experienced the welcoming warmth of the Braille House “family” that always puts people first.
As Braille House evolves into the future, we look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.”

Cinta Graves