And The Winners Are – 2017 Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition

The 2017 Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition saw a record number of entries and entrants in the Adult categories since Braille House has been hosting the event.  The standard was high and thanks and appreciation go to Heather Jacobs for judging the entries again this year (Heather is a writer who volunteers her time and skill).

And the winners are:

Short Stories

First place goes to Back Home Where You Belong by Helen Boardman.

Second place goes to Disaster to Destiny by Don Dias-Jayasinha.

Highly Commended in no particular order.

Belonging – Becky’s Journey by June Ashmore.

Belonging by Karen Passmore.


First place goes to Incipient Separation by Rebecca Maxwell.

Second place goes to I Belong too!! By Dalmayne Thamm.

Third place goes to In The Beginning by Helen Boardman.

Highly Commended in no particular order.

A Little Nook in Nundah by Dalmayne Thamm.

I Long to Tell Him He Belongs by Helen Boardman.

Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition 2017

Entries are now open for the 2017 Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition.

Pen a short story or poem and be in the running to win cash prizes in this year’s competition.

The theme is “Belonging” and entries close 25 August 2017.2017 Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition

Queensland Braille Writing Association (Braille House) is proud to conduct the 2017 Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition which is open to participants who are legally blind and Australian residents.

There are categories for all ages and the Entry Guidelines and Entry Form can be found at the following links:

Dickinson Memorial Literary Comp 2017 Flyer and Guidelines

Dickinson Memorial Comp Entry Form 2017

We welcome participants in the Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition and wish you all good luck and a happy writing experience.

If you are interested in the history of the competition, click on this link: Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition History.

Anna and Jean

Nauruan Students at Braille HouseRecently, Braille House farewelled Anna and Jean after 3 months here to learn Braille.

Anna and Jean are Nauruan.

Anna, who is early 20s, is progressively loosing her sight.  Supported by the Brisbane Catholic Education Office and facilitated by the Department of Education, Nauru, in partnership with Braille House, Anna, along with her chaperone Jean travelled to Brisbane to learn Braille.  For any young person, travelling from home for 3 months is no small order.

Although very home sick by the end, Anna delightfully gained confidence and capability throughout her stay.  Anna successfully completed the Braille House “Grade 1” Course covering knowledge and use of:

  • Braille alphabet
  • common punctuation
  • simple numbers

Our course involved both reading and writing Braille and was presented on site, at Braille House, on a one-on-one basis. Anna was required to do a considerable amount of revision and practice between lessons, which she took on with passion.

Supporting Anna in her journey was Jean who successfully completed the Braille House “Braille for Print Users” Course which covers fully contracted Braille.

Jean was involved in discussions about:

  • the nature of touch reading
  • the teaching of touch reading
  • tactile sensitivity testing

In undertaking this course, Jean is now equipped to support Anna back at Nauru to continue to develop her Braille skills, including using contracted Braille.  Anna particularly wishes to continue to develop her Braille to enable her to read music

Technology will enable Braille House to continue to provide support to both Anna and Jean via Skype, email and telephone

It was a joy and a pleasure to have both Anna and Jean in the House these past 3 months.  Many new relationships have been developed and the experience will be treasured by all.  We wish Anna and Jean all the best for the future and thank the Department of Education, Nauru for their generosity and commitment to helping Anna.  Thanks also goes to the Brisbane Catholic Education Office for partnering with Braille House and the Department of Education, Nauru to tern this education opportunity into a reality

It is hoped that others will benefit from this opportunity in the future.

Like to know more about learning Braille or other things we do at Braille House, call us today on (07) 3848 5257.