Corporate Involvement

Corporate Involvement/Sponsorship

Braille House works with all types and sized organisations to create mutually beneficial partnerships to communicate key Corporate Involvement and Sponsorship Opportuntiesmessages based on common values and shared objectives. Many of the involvement opportunities may provide a tax deduction/benefit. Ways your organisation can get involved with Braille House include:

  • cause related marketing opportunities (percentage of sale)
  • event partnerships/sponsorships
  • project partnership/sponsorship
  • staff and/or client involvement through your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program
  • corporate donation
  • host fundraising events or functions
  • contribute/advertise in Braille House’s quarterly newsletter
  • contribute/advertise in Braille House’s quarterly magazine
  • raise awareness and become an ambassador
  • integrate volunteering into your staff’s training and development plans
  • sponsorship of the creation of children’s and adult’s brailled books (including twin vision books for children 0-4 years of age)
  • pro bono support.

For your copy of our Corporate Involvement/Sponsorship package and to find out more about this opportunity please contact Ms Sally Balwin (General Manager, Braille House) on (07) 38485257.

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