Free Puppet and Magic Show on Twin-Books

Queensland Times (Thursday, June 28, 2018) – Helen Spelitis

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Free puppet and magic show on ‘twin books’

Books are for everyone even those who can’t see to read.

That’s the message from Braille House volunteer Kayt Duncan as she prepares for the first of three school holiday performances aimed at raising awareness about braille.

Braille is a writing system used by people with low or no vision where raised dots are used to represent the letters of the alphabet.

Ms Duncan said that while many people were aware of resources such as guide dogs, braille was not as well known.

The program presented through a comedy show using magic and a puppet targets young children.

Ms Duncan will be showcasing a range of books suitable for both people with full vision and those without.

“We want kids to understand from an early age that having low vision doesn’t mean books are out,” Ms Duncan said.

“It’s about shared reading.  The key thing we want to raise awareness about is twin vision books; a picture book that children with full vision can enjoy that also has braille.”

“Sharing a book is important.  If you share a book with someone, you share that love of reading.  Children can share these twin books.”

Braille House is a national organisation based in Ipswich (sic) and now has more than 370 picture books in its children’s library.

Part of Ms Duncan’s mission is to ensure families know these books exist and that they can access them for free.

“One of the benefits of the books is that a low vision or blind parent can still read with a sighted child,” Ms Duncan said.

“So it’s about closing the gap.”

“Our message is that books are for everyone.”

“The show is a funny puppet show that includes magic and its all about why braille would be useful.”

Ms Dunca will perform three times during the school holidays with two performances taking place in Ipswich.

The Ipswich Libraries’ shows are free-events for three to eight-year-olds and their mums, dads and carers.

Read more about braille resources and the performances showcasing “twin books” at the Braille House Facebook page or at .

See the Show

Wednesday, 4 July at Ipswich Central Library at 10am

Friday, July 6 at Orion Springfield Central (outside JB HiFi) at 10am

And The Winners Are – 2017 Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition

The 2017 Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition saw a record number of entries and entrants in the Adult categories since Braille House has been hosting the event.  The standard was high and thanks and appreciation go to Heather Jacobs for judging the entries again this year (Heather is a writer who volunteers her time and skill).

And the winners are:

Short Stories

First place goes to Back Home Where You Belong by Helen Boardman.

Second place goes to Disaster to Destiny by Don Dias-Jayasinha.

Highly Commended in no particular order.

Belonging – Becky’s Journey by June Ashmore.

Belonging by Karen Passmore.


First place goes to Incipient Separation by Rebecca Maxwell.

Second place goes to I Belong too!! By Dalmayne Thamm.

Third place goes to In The Beginning by Helen Boardman.

Highly Commended in no particular order.

A Little Nook in Nundah by Dalmayne Thamm.

I Long to Tell Him He Belongs by Helen Boardman.